About our company

Family Owned | Established 1996

G-Kel was originally established in 1996 as Kelly Design and Drafting, servicing clients in the
Central West with predominantly drafting services.

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Recent projects

3D Print & prototyping of under crusher
Infrastructure for a Mining Company. We are
engaged in 3D Printing various ares of the mine.
Design & Drafting for Mines
We are currently supporting the mines around the Orange area for their Design & Drafting.


Mr. John Anderson

Aircraft Designer

“I was looking for a company which truly is professional in their work and I got refered to G-Kel. They are hard working and flexible...”

Mr. Brendan Layton

Diverse Equipment

“I have used G-Kel Engineering for their design & 3D printing service and was totally impressed with their quality & prompt service. I will contact them again for my works. ”