3D PRINTING...We have this technology

A new world of possibilities for everyone
Property and commercial developers, health professionals, mining companies,
inventors and designers can use this state of the art technology to build models.

We use CAD drawings or designs to bring your proposal or development ideas to life.
How does it work ? We can provide complete visualisation of your project - from drafting designs right
through to producing a functional 3D model.

The benefits of 3D printing include:
• A scaled model of your plan to display for feedback, evaluation and approval purposes
• Evaluation of design ideas, project size and complexity
• The requirements to build your project, and
• Concept changes before you start to build.

You are only limited by your imagination.

3D printed mine models helps miners to plan
the material movement during construction,
train fresh miners & to demonstrat project
progress to the investors.
3D printing of 3D objects enables engineers
to check the fit of different parts long
before they commit to costly production.

Our 3D printer can help architects to show
detailed and relatively low-cost scale models
to their clients.
More effective than a 3D walkthrough.
Medical & Dental
3D printers can be used in the creation of
crowns, bridges and temporaries by dental
technicians. Using this technology, even
long-term temporaries can now be created.

Artificial Organs
3D Printers can be used to create artificial
limbs and replacement organs. Medical
professionals or archaeologists to handle
full-size, 3D copies of bones printed from
3D scan data.
3D printable products include automobile
parts, trainers, jewellery, plastic toys,
coffee makers, and all sorts of plastic
bottles, packaging and containers.

Creative Decorations

Imagine having a model made of your proposed development.

What about a functional 3D model of your next commercial venture? Or your planned home?

Got an idea for your next big design? Then make a prototype to show investors.

Give life to your development. Call us today for more information.